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Our services
Mobile satellite transmission units
DSNG + SNG Ku / C Band
We have more than 8 mobile units equipped with the latest technology for C-band satellite transmissions, Ku band, CA Band, also we have all the modulations updated to suit the current needs of the global market standards. Professionalism + Efficiency + innovation + Knowledge + Solutions.
Upload and download of satellite signals
Teleport with up to 6 mobile units ready to upload digital signals to the satellite system. Transportable satellite systems (FLYAWAY)
Video service for coverage
We provide news services and television production 24 hours a day to all argentinian air-cable channels and TV production companies in the international arena.
Recent work
  • 125th International Olympic Games Sessions

    125th International Olympic Games Sessions

  • Brazil 2014, FIFA World Cup

    Brazil 2014, FIFA World Cup

  • Dakar 2015 – Fox Sports

    Dakar 2015 – Fox Sports

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