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About Us

Transvideo Argentina S.A. has provided services to news organizations since 1994, mainly Todo Noticias, TYC Sports, Torneos y Competencias, FOX, Channel 10 in Montevideo and Volver, as well as air channels such as Channel 9, Channel 2 America, Channel 13 (Artear), Telefe, ATC, Fútbol para todos, and ESPN. Similarly to major independent producers like Nava Films, Ideas del Sur, Polka, Central Park and Promofilm.

Transvideo Argentina S.A. emerges as the leading supplier of mobile units for news channels throughout Argentina.

  • Teleport: it provides satellite facilities to meet both local and international needs, providing connectivity through their MO (Microwave) and I.P. thus giving customers the ability to transmit its programs worldwide.
  • Six Mobile Satellite-Digital units (SD / HD) of the latest generation have the most updated services, and the FLYAWAY ADVENT satellite system provides the flexibility to make any kind of satellite transmission, with all types of modulation and BISS encryption.
  • Operational bases in the center of Buenos Aires, and in the west of Greater Buenos Aires. With a wide geographic coverage, and excellent response time to get to where the news warrants.
Ariel Ruggiero
Ariel Ruggiero
Key Account Manager
Event coordination, coordination and supervision of technical personnel, commercial benchmark for customers and suppliers staff.
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